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A tiny studio made of sand

Sandcastle is Kevin McGillivray and Foster Douglas. We care about creativity, education, and mindfulness, and we enthusiastically support projects focused on collaboration, community building, and fresh ideas through web design.

We’ve been collaborators for over a decade, and everything we’ve done together has shared the same overall drive: practice creativity by making meaningful things, help other people grow their creative skills, never stop learning, and make the world a more beautiful and conscious place. We’re a hands-on duo, we work on projects that we’re genuinely excited about, and we’re devoted to understanding your vision and helping you realize it.

Foster is based in Oakland, California, and his most recent favorite coffee is from Equator. Kevin is in Green Bay, Wisconsin and has been recently obsessed with Nokcha from Postcard Teas. Keep an eye out here for our upcoming coffee and tea blog!

Contact Sandcastle

Do you need a way to share that thing you really care about? Are you working on something that will make your community even better? Are you helping people learn cool things? If you’re someone with a creative project or small business, a big company with a unique side project, a cafe, museum, restaurant, school, festival, conference, or any other form that creativity takes, email us or use the form below. We’d love to work with you.